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Find the hard to find

If you have reached this page, it means that you share with me the love for classical music.

The idea of creating a very particular and innovative instrument to circulate special musical offers came to me in the distant past when I ran the magazine “Musica”, which I founded in 1977 and of which I was the editor until 1999.

“il Diapason” is the result of that long publishing experience and to satisfy the many enthusiasts to find very rare items and as an instrument of communication unique of its kind, to search and offer what is very hard to find.

Many of you already know “il Diapason” which for almost twenty years operated in the world of Classical Music with its exclusive offers of rare CDs, DVDs, Books & Long Playing records sold by mail order.

After having had a printed catalogue for some time, followed by the weekly “Newsletters”, sent exclusively by email, this website opens a new chapter in the history of “il Diapason”.

The Newsletters will be sent from here, improved with a new graphic design and new amazing contents.

On this site, in the “Archive” section, you can find all the previous communications and many special offers, not to be found elsewhere, and more CDs, DVDs and Books will gradually be included in the “Shop window.”

The special “Long Playing” section will host in time thousands of very rare original vinyl titles from the period 1948-1992. This section is updated twice a week.

The offers will continue with the regular inclusion of new availabilities. making this tool increasingly unique and irreplaceable for anyone looking for important musical documents of the present and the past, of rare CDs, DVDs, LPs and books.

Naturally “il Diapason” is always at your disposal to find any recording no longer available or particular books.

As always, I will reply quickly to all your messages and to all your requests.

My warmest greetings to all the visitors to this site.

Umberto Masini

Last update on May 18, 2023